Ivan Vera Maathiri Movie Review

Production- Thirupathi Brothers|UTV Motion Pictures

Director- M. Saravanan

Editor- A. Sreekar Prasad

Original Music by- C. Sathya

Cinematography- Shakthi

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Vikram Prabhu,Surabhi,Ganesh Venkatraman,Vamsi Krishna & Hariraj.

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Ivan Vera Maathiri….This is the second venture by M. Saravanan after the stupendous success of “Enageyum Eppothum“,who has given another racy thriller with this one. This is nothing new when it comes to the story, the usual a common man turning in to a hero in the shadow of a vigilante, but the elements in the movie were well executed by Saravanan. This one is several notches up than the usual thrillers. He has shown the struggle between the education system and the corrupt politicians. The story does not lose it’s intensity at any point. This is a cat and mouse play, where the Vikram Prabhu is the cat in the first half and Vamsi Krishna is the mouse and it’s vice versa in the second half.

Vikram Prabhu who is now 2 movies old has done a great job again, he has a great presence on screen and suits the urban dude. He has worked hard in the action scenes to give them a realistic feel. Surabhi who is a new comer, have done a really good job. She has been shown as a perfect girl next door, whose cuteness is admirable with simplistic beauty. You will instantly fall in love with her character, for a debutante she was great.

The character to look out for in this movie is Vamsi Krishna the villain of the movie, who steals the show in the second half. He has done a lot of Telugu movies and was seen in Naiyaandi earlier this year. His character will not be forgotten as he is a perfect antagonist in this fast paced thriller.

The director has perfectly woven the co-incidences in the movie, with well shot scenes. The scene which was well applauded is the one where Vamsi seeks Vikram’s help in escaping from the police, which was a classy touch by the director. The main USP of the movie is the action which was at next level, well choreographed. The cinematography was great with sharp editing. There were not many songs in the movie, which was a good thing as they do slow down the pace.

It keeps you spellbound in the last few minutes, M.Saravanan has dished out a perfect proportion of comedy, romance, action and suspense. Ivan Vera Maathiri is definitely different from the usual, watch out for great performances and well scripted story.

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