It’s a song about friends – ‘Vaanavil Vaazhkai’ Gaana Shiva

‘Gaana’ Shiva to blend a new flavor to the groove of gaana songs being heard in the K-town cinema. The genre of songs have got enough place that establishes a dancing situation out of celebration or sorrow by a group of youngsters in deep inebriated condition. ‘Gaana’ Shiva, a debutant gaana writer and singer making his debut with ‘Vaanavil Vaazhkai’, Music Director James Vasanthan’s directorial venture.

“Music doesn’t have linguistic or demographic barrier.  Music is always celebrated if it entertains the audience. My passion towards Gaana songs stated from my child hood days where I used to write and sing about friends for just teasing them. In college buses with friends I started composing new songs for fun.  Now, it helped to be a part of the film ‘Vaanvil Vaazhkai’. With James Sir’s help I acted, sang and have danced in this film.”

“ James sir wanted me to write a gaana song that teases all the peter guys from private colleges. I wrote the song ‘ Cuturals Vanthirukkum ‘ song. Apart from pulling legs of the peter guys I also wanted to register that friendship is much way from status and money. ‘Vaanavil Vaazhkai’ is a musical film. Everyone will enjoy the film. “ signed off the new Singer/Actor Gaana Shiva. “


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