Irumbu Kuthirai Movie Review

Production- AGS Entertainment

Director- Yuvaraj Bose

Screenplay by- Yuvaraj Bose

Editing- T. S. Suresh

Cinematography- R. B. Gurudev|Gopi Amarnath

Original Score by- G. V. Prakash Kumar

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Atharvaa,Priya Anand,Johnny Tri Nguyen,Raai Laxmi,Alisha Abdullah,Joshna,Jagan,Manobala,Devadarshini,Akshara Gowda (Special appearance) & Raj Kishor.

IRUMBU KUTHIRAI…..These days stylishly cut trailers are very misleading the audience to catch the movie on the first day, we go in with so much expectations and what we get, a elongated version of the trailer with sloppy screenplay. When the trailer was released had a hope that it might be our Kollywood’s DHOOM, too bad it didn’t even come close to it. The huge drawback of this film is the screenplay which was so discontinuous that you lose interest in the movie even before it reached intermission. 

Yuvaraj Bose have concentrated more on exotic locations, stylish wardrobe and actors styling. And have neglected the key part which was required. There were so many locations where this movie has been shot, the worse part is the lead pair will start their road trip from Puducherry, which transforms in to some European country highway, what were the makers thinking that audience wont notice this deliberate change in locations, that was a huge blunder. 

The movie is mainly based on a bike and a biker, but the movie wanders so much on different subjects that it loses it flavor. The romance was forced down your throat with way too cheesy dialogues. The songs were popping up at unusual intervals which annoys you even more, I  wonder what has gone wrong with GV Prakash Kumar the songs were so outdated and didn’t have any soul. Only the videos were shot at exotic locations and for the sake of it they brought in Akshara Gowda for a raunchy number.

Atharvaa is a very talented actor, I believe after the heavy role of “Pardesi” he wanted to do something light and commercial, but bro it was too light that it flew away way before you think it’s there. He suits the chocolate boy image though, hopefully “Kanithan” works for him later this year.

Priya Anand was nothing but eye candy, she did not have any scope for acting in this movie. Raai Laxmi was hot and attitude was right but the biker girl image goes unnoticed due to poor characterization. Jagan is hardly there may be he was put there for the obvious hero’s friend role. 

After so much disappointment I was waiting for Johnny Tri Nguyen to enter, he did before the interval block, thought the course would change with fast bikes entering the movie. Well that went dull too after interval. He was unnecessarily brought in to the movie, there were hardly any scenes which showcases his talent as such. 

The cinematography was good by Gurudev & Gopi, which was decently supported by Suresh’s editing. The stunts performed in climax were quite good and the end credits making scenes were good, other than that there was nothing good in the movie.

This Iron Horse goes cold in the first gear, there is no scope for top gear. Lacks the horse power required to take this one on the top gear. Don’t waste your time, rather take a long drive on ECR!!!

+’s – Good cinematography with decent editing.

-‘s – Worn out screenplay with poor execution.

Rating: 2.5/5.

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