Irandaam Ulagam Movie Review

Production- PVP Cinema|Prasad V. Potluri

Director- Selvaraghavan

Editor- Kola Bhaskar

Original Music by- Harris Jayaraj

Background Score by- Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography- Ramji

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Arya,Anushka Shetty & Venkatesh Harinathan.

Irandam-Ulagam-Movie-Stills-1 Irandam-Ulagam-Movie-Stills-2 Irandam-Ulagam-Movie-Stills-8 Irandam-Ulagam-Movie-Stills-12 Irandam-Ulagam-Movie-Stills-23

Irandaam Ulagam….Fantasy movies are something hardly explored in Indian Film Industry, mainly due the budget reasons most likely they take a step back making one, In spite of that few dare to make them and receive mixed reviews from the public, so is the case with Selvaraghavan’s “Irandaam Ulagam”, which as usual is ahead of time as his previous movies, before I continue I have nothing against the director, he is one brilliant artiste that is no doubt, at times these great minds get tangled between reality and creativity.

This movie is set in 2 different worlds, one being set in the real one which we live and another is set in an unnamed fantasy world. One has Maravan who is insanely in love with Varna, another on earth where Ramya is in love with Madhu Balakrishnan, these characters are played by Arya and Anushka Shetty respectively. It shows true love does not have boundaries, and would go to any length in order to attain it. When it comes to fantasy, anything could happen we can’t question it, that’s the whole point of it. There is something which the public for whom these movies are made should make sense. This one terribly fails, I understand creativity has to be appreciated, this was an amazing and bold attempt by Selva but does not hit the right note. It’s not fair to compare this one with any Hollywood flick, as this one has it’s own place.

It’s a love story and the lead characters totally lack the chemistry it requires, romantic scenes on earth have the Selva’s touch but that is not the same case with the fantasy world. And about that, I wonder why the makers had to cast so many foreigners, when we have really talented actors who could have made this one even more better and believable. As and when the movie shifts to the other world, it gives us a feel a dubbed English movie.

The technicality of the movie was good, camera handled by Ramji was splendid, Kola Bhaskar’s editing was good. The VFX was used in abundance the other world had so many colors throughout the day, wonder what is it like to be in a world of that sort. The beasts featured in the movie looked like rejects from Avatar. The action scenes were poorly choreographed, did not build any momentum, genre of this kind requires more intensity shown in the screenplay along with convincing performances by the characters.Music by Harris Jayaraj was average nothing great, but background score by Anirudh was good. Selva has put his heart and soul in to this movie, but it goes in vain when it does not reach the masses, I myself is a great fan of his work, and was very eager to watch this one, but was disappointed. I see there are mixed reviews for this flick, and this is mine. The story seems disjointed and does not relate with either worlds and lacks the romance factor, you don’t feel the emotion, and end up laughing at it, Irandaam Ulagam would have been an amazing fantasy love story if would have been treated with great love and affection.

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