Ippadai Vellum Review

Udhayanidhi Stalin is back on screen with ‘Ippadai Vellum’ and this time he has tried to break away from the typical rom-com films he has done. The movie introduces us first to Chotta Raj (Daniel Balaji), a terrorist who is a specialist in making bombs. He escapes from prison and heads from Allahabad to Chennai which is his next target. Then director Gaurav Narayanan takes us to Tiruvannamalai where Madhusudhanan is a software engineer and lives with his mother Kanmani (Radhika Sarathkumar). He is building a house for his mom whom his world revolves around.

But Madhu is also in love with Bhargavi (Manjima Mohan) and the two decide to elope despite opposition from her brother, Dheena, a cop. The night before Madhu and Bhargavi get married, things go awry. Chotta’s path crosses both Madhu and Kuzhandai Vel’s (Soori) and both end up getting arrested by the cops. Why have they been arrested? How do they prove their innocence? Do the cops catch Chotta? Does Madhu marry Bhargavi?

Udhayanidhi has improved a lot in emoting. His body language and facial expressions are good. Manjima’s role is a good one and she has fit in the role well. Ravi Maria, RK Suresh and Daniel Balaji have done their roles well. As usual, Radhika has performed naturally. On the musical part, D Imman gets to his best efforts with background score and cinematography is appreciable as well.

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