Interstellar Movie Review

Production- Syncopy|Lynda Obst Productions|Legendary Pictures

Distributed By- Paramount Pictures|Warner Bros. Pictures

 Director- Christopher Nolan

Cinematography- Hoyte van Hoytema

Editing- Lee Smith

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Hans Zimmer

Cast- Matthew McConaughey,Anne Hathaway,Jessica Chastain,Michael Caine,Bill Irwin,Ellen Burstyn,Mackenzie Foy,Casey Affleck,John Lithgow,Topher Grace & Matt Damon.

INTERSTELLAR….Years have passed, but Hollywood filmmakers never get tired of making movies with “SPACE” as the backdrop. But there’s one thing they try to make one better than the other. The human kind is constantly trying to explore a new possibility of life in another planet. In near future earth faces extreme draught and famine, among this difficult hours, they happen to find a rip in space-continuum giving mankind an hope to extend the life span. A bunch of explorer set on an Interstellar journey to save the mankind in search of a planet beyond our solar system. 

Christopher Nolan is a director who has a nake to twist your brain at different levels to convey what he has to say in the end. Believe it or not, It’s simple yet complicated, it’s the usual but different. It’s the mind over heart. Sounds confusing, yes it does when you do watch the movie. He takes you on a journey for 3 hours straight with so much data which takes sometime for processing. This is not just a movie, more of an tutorial on physics which brings back the memory from your studious days of “Theory of Relativity” and “Newton’s Law”. The narration is impeccable, he takes you through a parallel story telling which in fact for the first time was not that confusing. He leaves bits and pieces through out the movie, which when comes together leaves you in awe. 

The characters in the movie were well suited to fit the attire perfectly. Mathew McConaughey with his swirly accent brings a great intensity to the character as “Cooper” , he gave a great performance which may not be another Academy worth, but a commendable one. Anne Hathaway has proved her mettle with this character after the stint as “Catwoman“, as Amelia she gave an outstanding performance. Jessica Chastain has a short role but a vital one and she could get a nomination. The rest of the supporting cast Michael Caine,Bill Irwin,Ellen Burstyn,Mackenzie Foy,Casey Affleck,John Lithgow,Topher Grace & Matt Damon gave their career’s best. 

The strong suit of “Interstellar” is it’s visual presentation. Nolan did not leave any room for compromise there, every frame screams brilliance. Cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema was spectacular, editing by Lee Smith was at a great pace which did not tire you in spite of the long run. Nolan is a director whose vision will leave you awestruck. There are scenes which are meant for the IMAX format, but they were shot so well that even the regular 4K projection gives you an equal rush. The visual effects are like a dream which has no limits, you can bend them the way you wish, giving you an experience like never before. The sentiments were equally gauged with the scientific values. All this visual delight was profusely mixed with breathtaking sound which blows your senses away. Hans Zimmer with his brilliant score builds the momentum required for a movie of this caliber.

Interstellar is another dreamy  journey crafted by Nolan, which you can name it with various terms. In a modest way it’s entertaining, emotional,thought-provoking, sentimental with a great intellectual reach which exceeds your grasp.If you think you have seen everything in the trailer, believe me you have not because the last 30 minutes of the movie takes you by surprise in a traditional NOLAN way.

Interstellar is a visual spectacle not to be missed by any movie-goer who have come to expect from the  writer-director Christopher Nolan, who has pushed the technical brilliance beyond the horizon. Definitely worth a watch, and If you have access to IMAX please don’t hesitate just get in and blown away!!!

+’s – Impeccable narration supported by brilliant film making.

Rating: 5/5.