Inam Movie Review

Production- Thirupathi Brothers|Santosh Sivan Productions

Director- Santosh Sivan

Cinematography- Santosh Sivan

Editing- T. S. Suresh

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Vishal Chandrashekhar

Cast- S.Karan,Sugandha Ram,Saritha,Karunas,Shyam Sundar,Soumya Sadanand & Vikram Chakravarti.

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Inam….Sri Lankan Issue has been quite a favorite with filmmakers and off lately movies based on this issue has been hitting the screens. Santosh Sivan chose a different perspective which does not involve political conflicts but its shows an episode of youngsters caught in between these conflicts. It’s a horrific story of an orphan girl who gets caught in this web. The movie opens with Arvind Swamy’s narration “All countries are beyond boundaries…The Human race is ONE”  …”But when,one crosses the seas…One is a refugee!!”.

War changes everything, even the most sober human being changes in to an conniving animal. It’s disheartening to see soldiers who are suppose to protect do the opposite, few instances shown in the flick are disturbing. Santosh did a fine job when it came to casting, no one would have expected a discreet cast of this kind.

Saritha as “Tsunami Akka” was seen on screen after ages, she fitted the role very well as the godmother of all the orphans. Karunas as “Stanley” brought us some relief in this high tensed drama. Another surprise element is  Sugandha Ram as “Rajini” remember the bubbly tom boyish girl from “Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na”, that urban chick was shown as a refugee, around who is this story revolves, she did a great job as Rajini, her rustic looks and rawness added great flavor to the character. Rest of the supporting cast did a good job and every character was defined well.

One character you have to look for in this flick is “Nandan” played by S. Karan a mentally challenged boy, I still wonder how Santosh got him to acting, the result is an outstanding performance, I can go on and on about his acting. He did a tremendous job, his innocence was captured well and it was natural. Santosh has taken immense interest in this character and it shows on screen, whether Nandan is in search of his brother or his love for Rajini, There’s a scene were Rajini is hurt and Nandan pacifies her saying will buy her new clothes, that moment in the movie makes you weep, he makes a special place in your heart with his performance.

The music plays a great role in this kind of genre, especially the background score which Inam fulfilled it well, thanks to Vishal C the songs were in flow with the script and the BGM will haunt you for sometime even after you’ve left the cinema hall. Editing by T.S.Suresh is as sharp as an Samurai’s sword. Then comes the sound which was heart thumping every blast just hits you hard great work by Vishnu PC and Arun S Mani.

Santosh Sivan an ace cinematographer, and when he is directing a movie it’s needless to say how the camera work will pan out. Delectable cinematography every detail as minute as an ant until war sequences, even the slightest distortion is shown in detail. Camera work just blows your mind and Angles which will amaze you.  All this spectacular work was complimented with a simple screenplay which does not loses it’s focus. I love the scene when “Nandan” will let go of a turtle and on top of which a $100 bill is placed, I wonder does it symbolizes something?? If it does, can be taken in different perspective by many.

Inam shows a horrific picture of the innocent people who get caught in these civil wars and political conflicts with no fault of their own, can we blame the youngsters who decide to stand up against the troops, I don’t think so. Santosh has balanced the story and it stays neutral. Inam is a poignant poetry of an orphan girl captured well with Santosh’s eye. Definitely worth a watch.

+’s – Spectacular camera work with sharp editing and great performances.

-‘s – The native language keeps fluctuating to regular Tamil which loses it’s actual flavor in the end.

Rating: 4/5.

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