‘I’m born twice this year’ says Baasha

‘I’m born twice this year’ says Baasha alias Luthufudeen Baasha popularly known as Nasser’s son in the film industry . The young dynamic debutante in the film ‘ Saivam ‘ was praised by the director Vijay for his hard work and observation power.’ Baasha is a bundle of energy and spreads his energy like wild fire in which ever place he is . Any day he would have become an actor, and it is my privilege to introduce him . I am introducing not just an actor but ‘ Immense talent ‘ says the director wishing his Hero an happy birth day today .Baasha repeating his line ‘ I am born twice this year says , i am awaiting the release date of ‘ Saivam ‘ more than my birth day .That day would be my actual birth day, My biggest responsibility is to maintain the standards of the discipline and dignity my parents had set in the Industry and i will gift myself with this deed ‘  says the talented young man who had learnt music on his way to stardom .


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