Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara – Movie Review

Production- Leo Visions|JSK Film Corporation

Director- Gokul

Screenplay by- Gokul

Editor- Leo John Paul

Original Music by- Siddarth Vippin

Cinematography- Mahesh Muthuswamy

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Vijay Sethupathi,Ashwin Kakumanu,Swati Reddy,Nandita,Pasupathy,Soori,V.S.Raghavan,Livingston,M.S.Bhaskar,Pattimandram Raja,Rajendran & Robo Shankar.


idharkuthane-aasaipattai-balakumara3 idharkuthane-aasaipattai-balakumara-movie-photos-5 Idharkuthane-Aasaipattai-Balakumara-Stills11377768572
Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara….Directed by Rowthiram fame Gokul has given an amazing comedy caper which keeps you entertained throughout the runtime.The story is based on day to day lives of many individuals in our society,which was wonderfully scripted by Gokul.

The story is about two main characters Kumaru(Vijay Sethupathi) & Bala(Ashwin Kakumanu) which explains the title.The director has well woven the script between various characters in the flick. Every character gets imprinted as they appear on screen with their funny character names like Sumar Moonji Kumaru or Romba Sumar Moonji Kumaru or Kumudha or Baby..the list goes on. The dialogues in the movie plays a vital role. Each and every one of them are simply hilarious.

Vijay Sethupathi has done it again, who is the uncrowned King of the low budget movies which makes the production houses happy and gives the public their worth. He is undoubtedly the best and acting is damn natural to him. His very first presence on the screen makes the crowd go crazy, which proves his mettle. Pasupathy as Annachi was seen in comedy after a while and was fun to watch him getting tormented by Vijay. Soori plays a vital role and is seen in later part of the movie. Ashwin is another promising factor of this flick who was previously seen with Thala Ajith Kumar in the blockbuster “Mankatha”. The leading ladies Nandita & Swati fitted their roles aptly. Rajendran has proved once again that he can fit in to any role given to him,who indeed did an amazing job.

Gokul has given an amazing entertainer with a very strong message, I wonder how far will this reach the masses??but sure will make a small difference.The dialogues by Madhan Karky were awesome and hilarious. Music by Siddarth Vippin was sooper Ji, who made the age old rhymes sound funny with tamil slang,Whether it’s “ding dong bell bellu” or “London Bridge is falling down” or “johnny johnny yes papa” all were freaking hilarious, followed by an amazing track called “Pray Pannunge” the lyrics of this track is funny.

Aasaipattae mathiri yeh Bala Kumara made everyone happy especially made “Kumudha” happy!!! Catch this soon at a cinema near you,definitely worth a watch!!!

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