‘Hola Amigo’ is all about expressing one’s self

Expressions of a individual vary from mood to mood , place to place and person to person. There are a few words that inspires energy irrespective of the fact whether we understand that language at all.The young musical sensation Anirudh ever the first to capture the sound in any form introduces a fresh word of greeting from Canada in the Upcoming film ‘Rum’ produced by Vijayaraghavendra of ‘All In Pictures’. True to his habitual offence of capturing the attention of audience with its innovative coining every time,Anirudh Ravichander the master of magical tunes launched the single track ‘Hola Amigo’ from RUM. Teaser of this infectious track had already become viral in all social platforms.The single track which had spread like wild fire moments after it got released goes on to prove the power of Anirudh in the musical front. I tunes are becoming his tunes as per the indications in the musical trade. It has to be noted that he topped the I tune charts the last time when his album got released in mid October in the monsoon , and come the summer Anirudh is back as hot as ever.   The Spanish phrase ‘ Hola Amigo’ means ‘Hello Friend’ in English.

“I was in Cuba after my Canada concert tour. There I heard  this word ‘Hola’ uttered by everyone on the streets and this word was lingering in my mind throughout that trip. Thus came the tune  ‘Hola Amigo’ ” said Anirudh on the latest sensation ‘Hola Amigo’.


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