Grammy award winner DJ Diplo Tweets for Anirudh’s Hola Amigo

Zeitgeist-devouring globetrotting DJ savior Diplo who is an American DJ, record producer, and songwriter from Los Angeles had shown his support via Twitter for Anirudh’s Hola Amigo song from the movie RUM, produced by Vijayaraghavendra of All In Pictures.

Diplo tweeted “My Indian Friend” and posted a link to Anirudh’s latest number ‘Hola Amigos’. Thus this unique sounding single track has been staged in International Arena by young talented composer. The song has been sung and composed by Anirudh Ravichander and rap by Balan Kashmir while the Lyrics are written Madhan Karky and Balan Kashmir. The young music director who was well-known for his unique collaborations with artist from various part of the country has gone a step head and got Malaysian rapper Balan Kashmir for this song. He is a popular DJ, Singer, Rapper and poet enthralled to get his debut in Tamil with this track. The whole of Malaysia is celebrating the song and made it more special.

The multi-dimensional artist Anirudh who is an expert in using the lyrics in dialectal Tamil with smatterings of quirky Thanglish had gone for Spanish this time. Starting with the Spanish lyrics ‘Hola Amigo, Hola Senorita’ which means ‘hello friend’ in English, the song continue to goes on in Tamil as ‘Adutha Theruvil Kedakkum Kuppaikku Mookka Nee Mooduriye! Unakkul Kuvinji Kedakkum Kuppaiya Marachi Ooduriye!’ The song narrates the male bonding that would embarrass first but then, it follows a complex sense of pleasure. The single track which was released few days ago became viral and highly acclaimed by huge number of audience especially by the Anuridhians.

Currently a praising banner of Anirudh waves in the social media which quoted as, “No matter whether it’s Superstar or Debut actor, this man never fails to give his best”. As usual the album became Anirudh’s one of the finest and it is in repeat mode in the entire youngster’s music player. DJ Diplo’s friendly gesture for Anirudh could definitely mean a lot more than just friendship. The heist horror flick Rum has Hrishikesh, Vivek, Sanchita Shetty, Narain, Miya George, Amzath and Arjun Chidambaram in the lead.


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