Godzilla Official Teaser Trailer

Production- Legendary Pictures|Warner Bros. Pictures

Director- Gareth Edwards

Editing- Bob Ducsay

Cinematography- Seamus McGarvey

Original Score by- Alexandre Desplat

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Dolby Atmos|Datasat

Format- Real 3D|IMAX 3D

Cast- Aaron Taylor-Johnson,Bryan Cranston,Elizabeth Olsen,Ken Watanabe,Juliette Binoche,David Strathairn & Sally Hawkins.

GODZILLA 2014….I remember the poster which was put in the cinema hall back in 1998 with a huge foot between the skyscrapers, was excited to catch this movie on big screen, It was the first Godzilla film to be fully filmed by an American studio, which did put the Japanese film monster in to limelight. 15 years later this will be the 2nd film to be fully filmed by an American studio. The teaser trailer just teases you enough to catch this movie without doubt. It retells the origin of this monster. This one is directed by  Gareth Edwards, and seems to be a good one. The teaser is well cut, it doesn’t give out much but at the same time gives you a errie horror feel. Making the audience wait until the end of teaser to show a glimpse of the monster was a classy touch. This monster have come to beat the Transformers and the Pacific Rim the movies which have been hogging the big screen last decade. VFX seems way better than the first one, thanks to the developing technology, this time we will get to see the monster up close in 3D. Get ready to be blown away by the thunderous roar of GODZILLA  May 16th  next year.

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