Goal Podu ​

What is the common  connection between sports and music ? One use to wonder. A.H.Kaashif nephew of A.R.Rahman, more known as the composer of the extra ordinary melody, ‘Kannaley’ with Javed ali last year  has a different opinion on this. Both sports and music are inter connected with each other.They are the prime elements in a man’s life. Both sports and music had traveled on par with the man’s existence. Keeping this on mind i had composed a song  beginning with the words’ Goal Podu’ for the Chennai City Foot Ball Club owned by Rohit Ramesh.Foot ball is a  game of team spirit and my song will enhance the spirit of the sport in whole and the flavor of that popular sport  in the sports loving city of Chennai.

The Specialities of Goal Podu song is that it is sung by the famous Bollywood singer and composer Vishal Dadlani. This song has lyrics by Mohan Raj.
The Chennai City Football Club comes under Chennai football association. This team is part of the professional league.The song has already became a hit The song has  been listed Song Of the Week in London BBC(Ashanti Omkar’s show).
A very mass video that show cases the love for the city and the sport  has been shot for this song featuring  A.H.Kaashif & Vishal Dadlani which will be officially released.The video is directed by Ashwin Ravindran , Cinematography by GK.Vishnu, Edited by Sridharan.Gk.,Choreography by Suresh
Sathya.Nj the stylist of Ilaiyathalapathy Vijay has done the styling for A.H.Kaashif.


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