Global Woods Movies Presents Meow

Films of different genres have been hitting the screens of Tamil Nadu thanks to the innovative thought process of the emerging young Directors. Director Chinnas Palanisamy with a vast back ground in the advertising media is presenting his maiden project ‘Meow’ in a totally different,thriller comedy genre that is based on a cat.’Meow’ is produced  by  Global Woods Movies of Mr.Vincent Adaikal Raj a  very popular personality  in the social , art and business circles. “Meow” starring  Raja an enterprising new face with pretty looking  Gayathri and Shiney, will have some peppy numbers scored by young musical talent  Sreejith Endavano.
‘Meow revolves around a cat .The sound of the cat is ‘Meow’ and it conveys different meanings in various conditions , from a childish prank to a terrifying scream. My film ‘Meow’ will be no different in conveying the various moods of a cat sound says the Director.  We would proudly say that this will be the first film in the Tamil Cinema were the story revolves around the cat.For those who strive for a different film on a totally un tried genre ‘Meow’ will be the perfect film to watch. For such scripts finding a producer is very important and iam lucky that i have got Mr.Vincent Adaikal Raj as the producer as he under stands the nuances of film making and his strategies for promoting this film  defines the role of a producer in the current scenario.We are a relatively young team as  technicians and actors and it is indeed a pride to have P C sir releasing our poster, after all we grew seeing his visuals ‘ concluded Chinnas Palnisamy with pride.

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