Giant leap for ‘Auraa Cinemas’

Auraa Cinemas began with a toddlers steps into the film industry with their selective choice of films for distribution. The company had their fair share of mixed fortunes in all their releases. In spite of the mixed bag of results the company instituted by Mahesh Govindaraj  marked their presence in the large and deep distribution sector with their meticulous planning and wide spread network. With a growth and brand image that has been instituted and sustained well, Auraa Cinemas get into big shoes with their next line up of films that are potentially very big in terms of popularity and costing.


‘As a distribution company we had a well chalked out plan for the future. Initially we concentrated on films that were smaller in terms of the star cast but rich in terms of content. We had our share of good and bad fortunes. But never the less acquired valuable knowledge which could be the fertilizer to our growth.  Our current lineup is well defined. We have signed Vikram’s ‘Iru Mugan‘, Vijay Antony’s ‘Saithan‘, Prabhu Deva’s ‘Devi(L)‘ and ‘Pandigai‘ starring Krishna. We are thankful to the producers who have invested their trust on our capabilities. When the going is tough for the films on the commercial factors it is the passion for films that turns me on the positive note. Good times are ahead for the films i predict, why not when the star power, content and marketing become the spear heads of a film’s success’ says Mahesh Govindaraj with confidence flowing all over.

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