Ghanchakkar Movie Review

Production- UTV Motion Pictures

Director- Raj Kumar Gupta

Original Music by- Amit Trivedi

Cinematography- Satyajit Pandey

Editing- Aarti Bajaj

Sound Mix- DOLBY ATMOS|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Emraan Hashmi,Vidya Balan,Namit Das & Rajesh Sharma.




Ghanchakkar is a dark comedy which was written well but was not presented in the exact manner. Raj Kumar Gupta who is known for critically acclaimed AAMIR followed by NO ONE KILLED JESSICA which brought him nice accolades to his filmography. This one will be known for it’s discreet presentation but it would not be remembered.

The plot is simple an odd couple who are used to doing illegal jobs are on a break, one fine day they receive a call offering a Bank Job, the heist goes well,they crew decides to meet after 3 months to split the bounty, then what would be the problem?? The lead played by Emraan Hashmi happens to lose his memory in an accident, and he was the one given responsibility to Stash the money!!! The Chakkar starts from there taking you through too many twists and turns which makes you wonder until the last minute where is the money??Where the wife played by Vidya Balan is a fashion disaster so is her cooking, this character has a very less role compared to Namit Das & Rajesh Sharma. Namit and Rajesh have done an amazing job making you laugh with their funny antics or when they just laugh for no reason but it does gives you the villainous feel. The promo’s read He is Lazy and she is Crazy giving you an impression it’s another fast paced romantic comedy but it turns out to be a slow paced dark comedy. It’s definitely not a ROMCOM as you think, if you go with an open mind with no expectations you will be satisfied with a different type of comedy which has it’s own moments and a discreet flavor. The masks wore during the heist with prestigious actors was a nice touch and a good tribute to Utpal Dutt whose mask was worn by Emraan followed by Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendhar’s masks. The pace is slow but keeps you hooked on with it’s tacky screenplay, supported with the crazy performances by Emraan,Namit & Rajesh. The tag line says “Remember not to forget” hope it’s remembered by everyone.

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