Gangs of Madras Review

Gangs of Madras delves into the life of an innocent girl Jaya (Sai Priyanka Ruth), whose life is mercilessly desolated due to the loss of her husband Ibrahim (Ashok). She marries him out of love and even embraces Islam with her name changed as Raziya. Things go awry, when Ibrahim’s greed for money gets him into the cocaine business as he gets killed in police encounter.

Priyanka Ruth who does an amazing performance. It is really surprising to see the ground work and preparations she would have put up for this role. When it comes to others in the star-cast Velu Prabhakaran steals the show with his brilliant act. However, it’s only the Priyanka’s character that remains stable in our minds. Daniel Balaji does what his role demands and is flawless throughout his episodes.

The screenplay is engrossing in parts, but it fails to maintain the consistently and momentum. As the story progresses, CV Kumar starts banking more hopes on violence. This might be considered as the justice to script by miniscule audiences, but again, things get overdosed that will eventually create a resentment among the audiences. The technicians have given the appropriate best in accordance to the demand of script. Be it background score by Shyamalangan or the cinematography by Karthi, they’re good.

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