Frozen Movie Review

Production- Peter Del Vecho|Walt Disney Animation Studios

Director- Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee

Screenplay by- Jennifer Lee

Editing- Jeff Draheim

Original Score by- Christoph Beck

Sound Mix- DOLBY ATMOS|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Kristen Bell as Anna,Idina Menzel as Elsa-the Snow Queen,Jonathan Groff as Kristoff,Santino Fontana as Hans,Josh Gad as Olaf,Alan Tudyk as the Duke of Weselton,Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie,Chris Williams as Oaken,Maia Wilson as Bulda,Jack Whitehall as a Troll & Maurice LaMarche as Anna and Elsa’s father.

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FROZEN….This Thanksgiving we should be thankful to Walt Disney Studios, who have given us a mesmerizing animated musical in the name of FROZEN. As all the Disney Princess movies, this one is no different when it comes to the story, a troubled kingdom with a princess who is bestowed with super powers which can’t be revealed to the world, in order to protect her. Well what makes this one different is the execution by Chris Buck & Jennifer Lee. Who have created this magical journey together.

Elsa, a young princess of Arendelle, possesses the ability to create ice and snow, while playing with her sister Anna she accidentally hurts her with the power,which forces a situation to keep Elsa away from everyone by his parents locked in a room to protect her and others. Meanwhile the sisters become orphans, left with the kingdom in despair. Anna misses her sister, one fine day in the name of Coronation Elsa is presented in front of the world which leads to an incident, leaving the entire kingdom in awe. The journey from there on is the rest of the story. Will the sisters unite?Will true love change their destiny?Will the Kingdom have a Queen?, for these answers catch the movie.

Chris Buck’s direction with Jennifer Lee’s screenplay,keeps you hooked on to it entire time. It has beautiful songs with amazing sing along lyrics. Which has Kristen Bell(Anna) singing all along in most of the songs and a duet with  Idina Menzel(Elsa). The lead characters voices were not only used for characters but also for singing, which were delivered really well by them.

All the characters in the movie were adorable, the lead sisters were outstanding in their flawless beauty and strong characters. The love interests played by Jonathan Groff as Kristoff & Santino Fontana as Hans were good, The humorous snowman OLAF was hilarious, who has a fantasy to experience summer along with the much adorable Reindeer.

Walt Disney animation has improved it’s 3D movie experience with this one, it’s good that PIXAR has inspired them with their movies. The 3D effects were exhilarating giving you an amazing experience. Sound was mind blowing, It’s a shame that sometimes our city doesn’t get to release the movie in their original sound format due to shortage of movie screens available, so is the case with FROZEN which was suppose to be in DOLBY ATMOS. Well that is something we can’t control, regardless it was a great experience.

This one will be one of the best animated musical from Disney’s stable. These Disney Princess will be equally favored as the previous ones. With the holiday season upon us, this one is a good start. Frozen is a perfectly written,beautifully animated with sing along songs which were written by husband and wife songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

A perfect getaway for the entire family, the kids in the cinema hall could not stop laughing,giggling and hooting, so was the case with the grown ups.Do not miss the beginning,as Disney has started the tradition of shorts before the main feature and this one is presented with a hilarious short called Get a Horse” featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse which was a great combination of 2D and 3D. Grab your loved ones, book a seat to experience the beginning of winter and get FROZEN with it’s magical journey of Love, deception,betrayal and Sisterhood.

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