From the Desk of Mrs.Lakshmi Ramakrishnan – Legal notice to Vijay tv from Director Lakshmi Ramakrishnan

I wish to inform you that my lawyer has sent the legal notice to Vijay television, asking an open apology for repeatedly ridiculing and defaming me in the ‘Sirichu Pochu’ segment of ‘Adhu idhu edhu’.

As you all know, first time when they had done it, I had taken it sportively. I even thought of using the popularity of the spoof and use the dialogue as the title for a show which I was discussing with 2 popular channels, one was Vijay T.V! My intention was to do a socially relevant program in a fun angle and I thought it is only right for me to exploit  the  situation for a good cause. But,  when  the lines got featured in many films and  Rajanimurugan song , I had to face the consequences in social media and  public places. This put me and my family in many embarrassing situations. I posted a video byte on social media explaining the moment when I used the particular dialogue and slowly things settled down.

VIJAY Tv once again raked up the issue by posting the promo of version 2 of Ennamma ippadi panrengkale ma’, which I happened to see on 1st oct 2015. This one was crossing limits and was in bad taste,  moreover I was not ready to go through the ordeal all over again. I was not feeling very well since my busy schedules was taking its toll on my health. I send a mail to Mr. Sriram, the general manager of Vijay tv , requesting him to stop the airing of the program. There no response from them and I approached the commisioner. They could not do much as it was not a criminal offence and advised me to proceed legally.

The notice is sent and if we do not get a reply, I will be filing a defamation case against Vijay television.

P.s. The only response that came.out from vijay tv was when they spoke to one of the popular magazines. They justified the show saying, I had taken it sportively the first time, so they did the second..Does it mean that they have the right to do it over and over again and cross all limits?
They also said that they put a disclaimer saying the program is not meant to hurt anyone! Does it mean that by exhibiting a disclaimer anybody can ridicule anybody?

I am not worried about the end result but I will surely fight for my right to protect my image….

Thanks for all your support
Lakshmy Ramakrishnan

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