F5 Venture’s 10th Corporate Sports Olympiad press release

A person who is fit is capable of living life to its fullest extent. But in this Technological world, there is no time for the employees to keep their body fit . Finding a Valuable solution for that, F5 ventures has taken a wonderful effort by introducing ‘CORPORATE SPORTS OLYMPIAD’. Stepping into their 10th year, F5 Ventures has launched their 10th Corporate Sports Olympiad on yesterday at Kohinoor Asiana Hotel, Shollinganallur. The presence of Chief guests Actor Aari (Nedunjalai & Maaya fame), The Green Man of India – Social Activist Abdul Ghani and the Fastest biker of India – Dilip Rogger has made the event a glorious one.
Talking about the events and activities, Lalith, the co-ordinator of F5 Ventures said: “F5 Ventures is a well-recognized name in the world of event management, especially inter-corporate events. We are very much delighted to see our ‘Corporate Sports Olympiad’ has stepped in its 10th year. We have organised about twenty sports ranging from Cricket to Football, Golf to Tennis, Shooting to Cycling and Table tennis to Carrom. These sports are played on a Weekly basis and it starts from 16th July 2016 and ends on 4th September 2016 at different locations. Over Five Thousand participants from Fifty + corporate houses will participate in this mega event.”
The Chief Guest Actor Aari who was also a Fitness Trainer has expressed his views on Sports and fitness. “F5 ventures has relived the Employees from both Physical and Mental stress, and this has to be followed by all the other sectors too. I feel very much proud to have a seat next to Green Man Ghani and Super Bike racer Dilip. Ghani has planted more than 40 lakh plants in India, just following the footsteps of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam and Dilip is the first Asian to participate in  German National Championship Endurance Race. They are the proud icons of our country” said Actor Aari. “There are three doctors who play a vital role in everyone’s Life. Dr.Diet, Dr.Quiet and Dr.Happy…” says Super Fit Actor Aari on his concluding note.

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