The Expendables III Movie Review

Production- Nu Image|Millennium Films|Lionsgate

Director- Patrick Hughes

Cinematography- Peter Menzies Jr.

Editing By- Sean Albertson|Paul Harb

Original Music by- Brian Tyler

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat|DOLBY ATMOS

Cast- Sylvester Stallone,Jason Statham,Antonio Banderas,Jet Li,Wesley Snipes,Dolph Lundgren,Kelsey Grammer,Randy Couture,Terry Crews,Kellan Lutz,Ronda Rousey,Glen Powell,Victor Ortiz,Robert Davi,Mel Gibson,Harrison Ford & Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Expendables III….This serves as the sequel to the 2012 Film “The Expendables 2”. This one is directed by Patrick Hughes. When it comes to franchise movies, they eventually lose steam over the period, is it because of the high expectations set by them or the change in directors?? The first 2 from this series were very engaging and entertaining. This 3rd installment seems quite slow.

When it’s a multi-starrer, it’s a tedious job to keep all of them in line, In this case you find all the action heroes over the past decades in one movie. It becomes really tiring to manage so much heat together. Still the series kept us entertaining, but this one turns out to be quite sloppy.

The story is very simple, the same drill but this time it gets little personal with a veteran coming to life from the dead. Which makes everything go haywire. Typical Expendables plot but it was dragged with unwanted comical scenes which were ill supported by poor dialogues. The characters which had style and attitude in previous movies falls flat here. 

The action is undoubtedly at it’s best, but it was spread out leisurely and was served cold in the climax, by then you get tired. With an ensemble of cast which includes name like FORD,Stallone,Banderas,Li,Snipes,Lundgren,Gibson & Schwarzenegger, this should have been thrice the fun, but it turned out be a cheesy wannabe EXPENDABLES movie. 

The cinematography was great by Peter Menzies Jr. which was well supported by Sean Albertson & Paul Harb editing which made the action sequences really tight, my favorite is the bike scene in the climax. The new characters introduced in this sequel were quite appealing but didn’t have much screen space to explore their talents. 

Expendables is got a reputation which was not maintained in this one, with old action heroes making jokes and kicking ass was fun. This fails to deliver that fun. The Expendables III can be missed, as I would say it was the most boring action movie which I had watched recently with every single action cliched sequences ever made.

+’s – Great cinematography and editing with decent action sequences.

-‘s – Sloppy screenplay with dull dialogues.

Rating: 2.5/5.

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