“A recipe has no soul. You as the Cook must bring soul to the recipe.”  
Imbibing much into the essence of this quote, the makers of ‘Server Sundaram’ have been distinctly nurturing the film with immense aesthetics to offer a unique experience. Possessing the brand of evergreen classical hit, the makers are defining the ‘Grandeur’ with an aesthetically touch. What’s more exciting to witness is an exotic island in Goa hired for shooting some prominent sequences of the film. When the usual paradigms of gilded production values are limited to huge set works, it’s more off awestruck spell to see an island chartered.
The shooting goes on full swing from Monday and will be continuously at stretch till June across the backdrops of Chennai, Dubai, Goa and Tanjore. Having amused audiences with impeccable sense of humour as comedian and protagonist, Santhanam will be seen in a much exceptional role as Chef. The costume designers are imbued with great ardour on crafting exotic attires for Santhanam, which will be an additional cherry pick. The grandness doesn’t confine with shooting and technical aspects alone, but has spread out towards pre-production phase well. Ensuring that everything involving the world of food is depicted in perfect way, 15 top chefs have been roped in as consultants. Moreover, filmmaker Anand Balki being a chef himself has been crafting each and every element of ‘Server Sundaram’ to offer a delightful treat.
Food and Music – The enlivening ingredients of soul! When a musician like Santhosh Narayanan is on board, the musical aromas of this wonderful recipe will surely offer a delicious experience. While couple of songs have already been completed, Santhosh Narayanan is now preparing the third one.
The makers affirm that set works and costumes would be one among the greatest highlights as they attribute the significance to script. Couple of songs has already been completed and the third one would be commencing shortly.
Naturally, the man behind this lofty feast is definitely producer J Selvakumar of Kenanya Films for cherry-picking an unusual concept.

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