Epic 3D Movie Review

Production- 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky

Director- Chris Wedge

Original Music by- Danny Elfman

Cinematography- Renato Falcao

Sound Mix- Dolby,Datasat, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround 7.1

Cast- Jason Sudeikis, Amanda Seyfried, Pitbull, Josh Hutcherson, Christoph Waltz, Beyonce Knowles & Colin Farell.

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Epic 3D From the makers of ICE AGE & Rio comes another adventure for the kids and a kid in you. Directed by Chris Wedge this one deals with a teenage girl who have lost her mother and is trying to mend relationship with her father for whom his research about the world with tiny beings is everything, which leads to differences between the father and the daughter, One fine day she stumbles in to a war between the good and the evil from a world of different kind and teams up with a rouge bunch in their fight against evil. This one reminds you of “Honey I shrunk the Kids” back in 1989 as the concept here is similar as well.

The plot is very cliched and simple but the visuals and 3D effects are amazing. You would enjoy every tiny bit of detail in the movie and it feels so real in the scenes where you would see birds flying and it would just seem they are coming from behind. The movie mostly being made in forest is lush and refreshing. Voices given by leading hollywood actors Jason Sudeikis, Amanda Seyfried, Pitbull, Josh Hutcherson, Christoph Waltz, Beyonce Knowles & Colin Farell were very expressive and enjoyable, humor is finely tuned to suit the younger audience.

It may not be “The Lion King” or “Ice Age” but it’s an adventure of it’s own which takes you through a enchanting journey through the forest with talking snails, slugs, dreaded bats, ugly rats, 2 inch tall peoples who call themselves as the leaves people and above all a Queen Tara of the jungle who is a delight to watch. Amazing visuals teamed with awesome sound in Dolby Atmos makes it a decent package for summer. Take your little ones for sure as they would enjoy this enchanting journey throughout, it could be a perfect family getaway.

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