Enna Saththam Intha Neram Movie Review

Production-  A.V.A Productions

Released By RPP Film Factory Prashanth

Director- Guru Ramesh

Cinematography- Sanjay. B. Lokanath

Editing- V. T. Vijayan & T. S. Jai

Music by – Naga 

Cast-  Jeyam Raja, Maanu ,Adhiti, Aakrithi, Akshathy and Aapthi , Nithin Sathya ,Malavika Wales,Puravalan(Introducing), Iman Annachi, Manobala, Shivsankar, Vaiyapuri, Lollusabha Swaminathan ,

Enna Saththam Indha Neram is a record-setting movie from AVA Productions and RPP Film FactoryESIN  has set a record for casting quadruplets in the same movie.

Jayam Raja is a mechanical engineer who has a successful career, but is failing on the home front as his wife Maanu has filed for divorce. The reason behind the rift is that he does not spend enough time for his family. Parents of quadruplets (Adhiti, Aapthi, Aakrithi and Akshathy) who are born deaf and mute, the family is going through a rough phase and the kids miss their father.

Nithin Sathya plays a Zoo guard who is planning on committing suicide as his girlfriend has left him for another guy and is going to get married.

Malavika Wales is a teacher at a special school where the quadruplets study. She is planning on eloping from her house, to get married to a guy of her choice. The special school decides to take its’ students to the zoo for a day of fun, and Malavika is to take care of them on the trip. One of the enclosures holding an animal has become open by accident and the animal is on the loose. While trying to escape the zoo, the four children get left behind.

Nithin Sathya, Malavika, Imman Annachi and 2 others go back into the zoo to try and retrieve the children before any harm befalls them. Meanwhile, the helpless parents, police and the media are expectantly waiting outside the zoo’s gates for updates. What happens next, forms the rest of Enna Satham Indha Neram.

Director Guru Ramesh has conceived an interesting story with the zoo as a backdrop. He has made good use of the quadruplets, especially with the premise set as them being mute and deaf.

The screenplay seems a tad dragging at times, but the treatment is interesting. The quadruplets Adhiti, Aapthi, Aakrithi and Akshathy steal the show with their expressions and acting. Jayam Raja makes a very sensational acting debut through this movie.

His acting is very natural and his experience comes to the fore. It is a good comeback for Maanu, who was last seen in Kadhal Mannan. It is a meaty role for Nithin Sathya, and he delivers. Malavika Wales has done a good job and has given a fresh portrayal. Naga’s music is good and the BGM goes with the movie’s tempo.

Imman Annachi, Manobala, Dance Master Sivasankar and Lollu Sabha Swaminathan provide the comic relief. Though there were quite a few places the making could have been better, the graphics and the visuals are one of the biggest pluses for the movie.

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