Endrendrum Punnagai Movie Review

Production- G.K.M. Tamil Kumaran|Dr. Ramadoss|Red Giant Movies

Director- I. Ahmed

Cinematography- R.Madhi

Editing- Praveen K.L & N.B.Srikanth

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Harris Jayaraj

Cast-  Jiiva, Santhanam, Trisha Krishnan, Vinay,Andrea,Varsha Ashwathi,Abhinay & Nasser.

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Endrendrum Punnagai….It has everything to offer as a commercial cinema, and very well lives up to the title. Ahmed have crafted a simple and neat story which everyone would relate to, It may be predictable but that is what sometime the audience look for. It has everything in right proportions. The director paced it well, could have cut short a song or two but that is negligible.

We hardly get to see movies which celebrates “bromance”, In this we have 3 friends who  grow up together and one fine day when are they are grown up, a pact is made not to get married forever, which is something hard to maintain, because marriage is that sweet which no one wants to have at the same time can’t resist it. How the romance gets in the way of bromance, watch this flick to find out.

Jiiva after a gap can boast of an hit, he is a very potential actor and a versatile one. His character in the movie is well portrayed as a egoistic one, which does not see anything but himself and his needs. The performance as Gautham was good and you can say it’s a nice comeback for him after “KO“. Vinay was a good support and Santhanam whose one liners were becoming stale, regained it’s taste once again. He is one comedian in recent times who has matured in to an actor were he can be cast parallel to the lead, his role as “Baby” was hilarious. Andrea was a short stint and did what was required of her. Nasser played the best supporting father.

One character who steals the show is Trisha as Priya, who is shown as a simple girl, that believes in love blindly. Her character as Priya makes you fall in love with her, At last she has comeback, would like to see her more on screen with such roles.

Ahmed has used all these characters well and brought out their potential as actors. The father-son angle was handled with great sentiments. Romance was light and breezy. Friendship was amazing brings back the mischievous things you would have done in your good old days, which are definitely irreplaceable. The chemistry between Jiiva,Vinay and Santhanam was too good. They have literally lived those characters.

Endrendrum Punnagai is an extremely good looking film with great visuals by Madhie and a good score by Harris Jayaraj. This film gifts you with great moments which are genuinely likable,that unlocks the love behind the hard “ego“. Love and relationships have an expiration date, but Friendship doesn’t have one, no matter how long it’s been you can pick up from you have left off, that’s the magic of Friendship. “Yealae Yealae Dosthu Da” . Definitely worth a watch as it’s been a longtime where friendship and love have been celebrated together. Endrendrum Punnagai is truly an “Everlasting Smile”.

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