Edge Of Tomorrow Movie Review

Production- Warner Bros. Pictures

Director- Doug Liman

Editing- James Herbert|Laura Jennings

Cinematography- Dion Beebe

Original Score by- Christophe Beck

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|SDDS|Datasat|Dolby Atmos

Cast- Tom Cruise,Emily Blunt,Bill Paxton,Brendan Gleeson,Kick Gurry,Dragomir Mrsic,Charlotte Riley,Jonas Armstrong,Franz Drameh,Masayoshi Haneda,Tony Way & Noah Taylor.

Edge Of Tomorrow…. It is based on the Japanese novel “All You Need Is Kill” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. Here the lead Tom Cruise is stuck in a loop during a war against alien race, where he can reset the sequence when he is dead. For 5 years the humans been at war with the alien race called MIMICS, to fight them they come up with UDF(United Defense Force). Which is nothing but armed mechanized exoskeletons called Jackets, which gives them an edge with the enemies. In this highly advanced military system, Cage(Tom Cruise) is forced to cover a combat, who by nature is not an soldier. But with no choice he gets in to this combat, what follows next is an exhilarating ride you have to experience.

Doug Liman, who gave us Mr.&Mrs.Smith & The Bourne Identity brings another racy thriller, but this one is ahead of time. Doug scripted a Sci-Fi action thriller with a game design in mind I believe. The entire movie’s design was like an high end video game. The story loops, but it does not tire you. This fast paced action thriller have been laced with witty humor. Doug known for his slick action sequences have not spared this one either, they have been meticulously choreographed.

Tom Cruise, his previous Sci-fi thriller “Oblivion” bombed at box office and received mixed reviews. Tom managed to revive the loss with Edge of Tomorrow. As the character Cage he is very convincing and have delivered another slick performance and proved that he will never cease to entertain.

Emily Blunt, she is a new action hero on the block. Tall,athletic and sexy makes her character very interesting. People call her “The Metal Bitch” in the movie, trust me she is tough and can give any action hero run for their money. Emily crunches a strong performance.

Doug Liman handled the relationship of Cruise and Blunt in a light and breezy manner keeping it simple. The special effects are spectacular, the MIMICS design was classic, so were the metal jackets. The 3D effects were mind boggling, makes you jump from your seat. Which was complimented by crunching sound in Dolby Atmos. IMAX would have been a treat to eyes and ears.The cinematography by Dion Beebe was racy with tight editing by the duo James Herbert & Laura Jennings.

Edge Of Tomorrow is a cleverly crafted and meticulously executed Sci-Fi thriller narrated in a breezy way. It keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout and never dulls out for a moment, as the characters loop in time, we do along with them. A racy entertainer this summer from the house of Warner Brothers, which is worth every penny you have spent.

+’s – Creative direction with good performances and spectacular VFX.



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