Dhoom 3 Movie Review

Production- Yash Raj Films

Director- Vijay Krishna Acharya

Original Music by- Pritam

Background Score by- Julius Packiam

Cinematography- Sudeep Chatterjee

Editing- Ritesh Soni

Film Format- Digital 2D|IMAX

Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital-EX|Datasat

Cast- Aamir Khan,Katrina Kaif,Abhishek Bachchan & Uday Chopra.

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DHOOM 3….The most celebrated franchise in the past decade of Bollywood’s history is the series of “DHOOM“, This 3rd installment is directed by  Vijay Krishna Acharya, who was the writer for the previous 2 movies from this series. You get inside the cinema hall with lot of expectations derived from the success of the previous movies, to your surprise it disappoints you with the first sequence. The intro of the sophisticated clown thief could have been better, should have avoided showing a 243 kg BMW running on a metal wire, to top this intro was Abhishek’s entry which was over the top followed by a BAD BOYS 2 type action getaway in an Auto. Just when you lose interest, a ray of hope comes in the guise of “Aaliya” which was an amazing intro of Katrina Kaif in the song “Kamli”. From that point onwards it starts to get interesting.

It’s an usual Bollywood revenge action thriller, with loads of entertainment which was taken to a grand level by Vijay Krishna a.k.a Victor. The story which starts off at a bad note,gains it’s momentum few minutes later. After which it clearly shows that it has the perfectionist as the lead.

Aamir Khan is an actor who does not repeat his characters in movies, and tries something or the other in every film he is cast. That’s the case with Dhoom 3, his performance as an circus artist and a clown thief was great. He is more than enough to carry the 3 hour long film on his shoulders. His character has many layers, which surprises you as and when it comes off. Acrobatics were off the charts, the dance sequences and circus presentations were awesome. He has taken tremendous effort to get them right. As “Sahir” he is the best antagonist among the DHOOM series.

Abhishek Bachchan has done a decent job, but there is something which does not fit the angry cop’s bill. He is no doubt a good actor but have not chosen many good ones when it comes to his movies, He has to revive his glory back which was lived in “GURU” & “Yuva”.

Uday Chopra has to seriously consider acting outside his family banner, he is good and his comic timing is great. The problem is we never see him other than DHOOM, his character in the movie always get shadowed.

This person surprised everyone not only with her improved dancing skills, but with some jaw dropping acrobatics. Katrina Kaif steals your heart from the first frame she is on screen, “Kamli” was a visual treat with her showcasing the best dance performance fused with acrobatics, which leaves you breathless.  “Aaliya” is truly an Asian Goddess as she is referred in the movie. She has put her heart and soul in perfecting the art.

Dhoom 3 has taken the series to the next level in all aspects. The action scenes are like never before seen in Bollywood which you can compare to our “firangi” brothers. The action was directed by Conrad Palmisano for the chicago sequences and Sham Kaushal for the Indian one. The shots in Chicago were done really well, with some high level gadgetry which was captured well by Sudeep Chatterjee and was cut real sharp by Ritesh Soni. The songs were a delight to watch with grandeur sets and graceful choreography by Vaibhavi Merchant. Pritam’s score was amazing which was apt for the movie, it was complimented by Julius Packiam‘s background score.

It may have references from few Hollywood movies, who doesn’t refer the library, what matters at the end is how well the reference is executed  to which I would say Vijay Krishna Acharya did a fine job. Be patient for first few minutes after which it makes it up with a twist close to Intermission followed by another later which left the crowd hooting and cheering for long. Aamir redefined Dhoom’s antagonist character,wonder who is going to top that.

Dhoom 3 is quite original with good direction, spectacular cinematography, great locations, fast paced action sequences and delectable performance by Katrina and Aamir’s intense portrayal of Sahir. Like they promised this year ends with a DHOOM which leaves the fans salivating for more, hope they extend the series DHOOM MACHALE!!!!!

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