Chennai 28 part II

‘The Boys are back’ from ‘Chennai 28 II’ is nearing 250K Viewers
The feel that Yuvanshankar Raja gives through his vocal cannot be explained in words…But that can be experienced through ‘The Boys are back’ song teaser from ‘Chennai 28 II’. There will always be a special welcome for the energetic and powerful duo Yuvanshankar Raja and Venkat Prabhu from the Audience. Once again it is proved by the ‘The Boys are back’ song teaser. The sixty seconds teaser that was released in Doopaadoo and Social Media on 21st August, 2016 is becoming viral, and it is nearing 270K Viewers. It is a must to say that the lines “Varom Sollu, Thalli Nillu, Machi ithu Namma pitchu Kizichidalam…” from ‘The Boys are Back’ teaser takes us back to Chennai 28 ground. Composer Yuvanshankar Raja has crooned the song in a Hip – Hop style, which is a perfectly suitable choice for him. ‘The Boys are back’ is a classy sixer from Venkat Prabhu.
“We are extremely delighted as the exclusive Audio partners of Chennai 28 part 2. The response is over whelming” says Kauntheya, CEO of Doopadoo the audio partners of Chennai 28 part 2.