Celebrities join together for Kadugu Teaser


Starts in a bold voice “Indha Naatla kettavangala vida mosamaanavanga yaarunaa….” Vijay Milton’s Kadugu teaser is going viral in all Social Medias. It has to be said that the Man (Vijay Milton) who is always in search of different scripts is now back with Kadugu that is produced by Bharath Seeni under ‘Rough Note’ Productions. The combo of Actor Bharath, Vijay Milton’s brother and Producer of Kadugu Bharath Seeni and Actor-Director Raja Kumaran has begun to create more hype among the Audience.


The two and a half minute Kadugu teaser has famous Directors Suseenthiran, Pandiraj, Venkat Prabhu, Lingusamy and Balaji Shakthivel’s comical gossip in the beginning. The frame opens with Vijay Milton’s question, “What script can be done after Goli Soda” for which Director Sussenthiran says “IrudhiSuttru Maari script vachirukanu Soniyey!!” and followed by Director Pandiraj’s “You better do Goli Soda – Part 2” dialogue. After that Vijay Milton narrates his story to actor Bharath and female lead Subhiksha saying, “If there are ten persons in a bus stand, people will look at a smart boy like you and off course a beautiful woman like you…But whom do they stare next…” Who was that third person is the very next question that raises in all the viewers’ mind? It is none other than – Actor-Director Rajakumaran.


The next scene of the teaser travels to Director Lingusamy who was shocked to hear that Rajakumaran plays the main lead in Kadugu. “Director Raja Kumaarana??” asks Lingusamy with a doubt which puts the whole viewers in laughter. After Vijay Milton and his team has decided that Rajakumaran is the lead, they approach him for telling the story of Kadugu for Which Rajakumaran asks “Confirm ah?? naan dhaan nadikanumaa”. The viewer’s almost Laugh out Loud during that sequence. After hearing Rajakumaran’s crazy dialogue Pandiraj asks Vijay Milton, “Avar nadipadhu avarukey Doubt ah??” for which Director Balaji Shakthivel and Lingusamy advices Vijay Milton to shoot a teaser first and later to go on with the full movie…That’s an another moment of laughter.


And then the sixty seconds teaser of Kadugu starts with the bold dialogue “Indha Naatla kettavangala vida mosamaanavanga yaarunaa……” and ends with Thappu nadakum podhu thatti kekaadha Nallavanga Dhaan” that is said by Rajakumaran, one of the lead actors in Kadugu.


Praises are pouring in for Kadugu teaser from various celebrities. Venkat Prabhu who is busy in his Chennai 28 part 2 says, “Vijay Milton always goes for a unique script which is proved once again from Kadugu” and Lingusamy quoted “I didn’t expect this much laughter from Kadugu. I am pretty sure that Kadugu will act as an another milestone in Vijay Milton’s career.” And also the classy Director of Tamil cinema Gautam Menon has tweeted for Kadugu: “Vijay milton’s Kadugu! Looks so nicely raw and so bold”.  It can be clearly said that Vijay Milton’s Kadugu will carry the hearts of Audience.

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