Burma Movie Review

Production: Square Stone Films, Sudharshan Vembutty

Cast: Atul Kulkarni, Michael Thangadurai, Reshmi Menon, Sampath Raj

Direction: Dharanidharan

Screenplay: Dharanidharan

Story: Dharanidharan

Music: Sudharshan M Kumar

Background score: Sudharshan M Kumar


The movie opens to Paramanandham aka Burma (Michael Thangadurai), making off with a tough guy’s jeep. Guna aka Angry Bird (Sampath Raj) is the number one car seizer in the city. Burma and Boomer (Karthick Sabesh) work for him. When one day, Burma comes to know that Guna is insulting and mistreating him, he plans and gets Guna caught and imprisoned by the police.

In the 1 year Guna is in prison, Burma becomes the No. 1 in car seizing, in the city, and is now working for a very fearsome moneylender – Settu (Atul Kulkarni). Kalpana (Reshmi Menon) is Burma’s girlfriend who comes out of her home, when her father objects to her loving a guy like Burma. Settu gives a list of 28 cars for Burma to seize and bring back. Meanwhile, a gang of ruthless criminals are planning to hijack an armoured van and steam Rs. 5 Crores. Jessica is a petty thief, who comes across a rare antique, bejewelled Easter Egg which is worth more than Rs. 1.5 Crores.

Burma successfully completes seizing 27 cars, and when he is driving off with the 28th car, disaster strikes. Jessica is murdered. Burma loses the car. Settu is livid and takes Kalpana hostage, giving Burma 24 hours to return with the car. The criminals have special plans for the car. All these people’s lives criss-cross and culminate at some point. What ensues, forms the rest of the movie – Burma

Director Dharanidharan has conceived a very good storyline and has come up with a short and racy movie. However, the screenplay could have been better. Actors Michael Thangadurai and Reshmi Menon are very good. Reshmi has given a very refreshing portrayal of a bubbly girl. Karthick Sabesh deserves a special mention for his performance. Veterans Atul Kulkarni and Sampath Raj are good and lend weightage to the movie. Sudharshan M. Kumar’s music is good. Vivek Harshan’s editing has made the movie super fast and racy. Yuva’s cinematography, especially the unique top angle shots, are too good.

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