Biriyani Movie Review

Production- Studio Green|K. E. Gnanavel Raja

Director- Venkat Prabhu

Cinematography- Sakthi Saravanan

Editing- Praveen K.L & N.B.Srikanth

Sound Mix- Dolby Atmos|Dolby Digital|Datasat

Original Music by- Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cast- Karthi,Hansika Motwani,Premgi Amaren,Ramki,Mandy Takhar,Prem,Jayaprakash,Madhumitha,Nithin Sathya,Uma Riyaz Khan,Sampath Raj & Nasser.

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BIRIYANI….When it comes Venkat Prabhu’s films fun is the main factor which is always focused, that is the case with this “Biriyani” , where 2 friends leave a party on a fine night after a few drinks in search of Biriyani end up in major soup waking up accused of a murder. It has all the fun laced with Venkat’s seasoning of his secret flavor which ends up always lip smacking. The story wanders a bit in the beginning but leaves few pointers to look for which is explained later in the flick. The story takes its sweet time, but when it starts to doesn’t stops till the end.

Karthi at last has a hit which he can speak of, he is his usual and have given his best, comedy is something he is very good at and his timing is great. Premgi Amaren a loyal brother to Venkat Prabhu has always added more flavor to his movies with funny antics and he does not spare us in this as well, he makes you laugh till it hurts. Hansika have shed a lot of weight and looks amazing, but she hardly has any role to prove her acting skills. Ramki was seen after ages in a good role and he delivered a crisp image. Jayaprakash as the ACP was stern, Prem was good and Sampath as Riyaz Khan was dynamic.

This movie has 2 other Actresses who were great in their respective roles given and they have to be mentioned separately. One was the “Hitwoman” played by Uma Riyaz Khan, she surprised everyone with her cold blooded attitude and amazing fighting skills. Another was uff!! what to say Mandy Takhar as Maya, who is the LEG PIECE of this tasty Biriyani. She was ravishing and adds a lot of oomph to this thriller. I would say she is the best found among the Venkat Prabhu’s previous sizzles. 

Venkat Prabhu used all these ingredients in proper proportionate and cooked up an tasty Biriyani. It has humor, suspense, music, action and glamour in delectable portions. Music by Yuvan was great which sets an amazing mood to the movie.  Sakthi Saravanan’s lens work was racy with tight editing by Praveen K.L & N.B.SrikanthSilva’s action choreography was neat. The last few minutes of the movie goes really at a great pace with Venkat’s twists and turns with an anti-climax. This one is a tasty Biriyani, taste it before it’s over.