Bench Flix – Duke David

Bench Flix’s ‘Duke David’ is a perfect Racer on the current menace. 
Chain snatching gives a nightmarish experience to  those who had gone through it. It gives a scare in the spine to those women who intend to  go for a stroll. “Duke David” a short film speaks on the other side of the “Snatch factor(y)”. Bench Flix, one of the leading short film promoters that act as a best basement for budding film makers has now come with up a Psychotic Gangster short film – ‘Duke David’ based on this. 
A gang of chain snatchers named, FZ Faizal (Rider), Pulsar Circuit (Snatcher) and Pulsar Pandy (Rider) were under the control of a terrific gangster, ‘Duke David’. One will be riding the Bike, One will prepare the route plan and the other will snatch the chain, but all the snatched Jewels will be monitored and controlled by the Psychotic Don – Duke David. The stolen jewels were hidden in a secret place by David, which is well protected by brilliant technology. 
 But on one fine day the jewels go missing from the safe bracket. The suspicion tag falls on each one of them.  The conspiracy theory comes into fore  ground and it leads to chaos and confusions in the group. What happens ultimately is the fulcrum of the movie.

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