Bench Culture releases Vijay Jayapal’s short film Meelpaarvai

There is nothing in this world that is constant – not even love! Life continues as we make choices that affect some of our closest relationships, but what happens when we start living life in retrospect.  ‘Meelpaarvai’, a Tamil short film by Vijay Jayapal provides an interesting insight into this. Released by Bench Culture, Co-Founded by Karthik Subburaj, a joint association of Culture Machine and Bench Flix, the short film is a romantic drama about love, relationships and retrospection.


Meelpaarvai is a story about two ex-lovers who break up and go separate ways only to realize their own fallacies when they meet again after three years, when both are married. Originally in Tamil, the film will be released with English subtitles, highlights how relationships change over time.
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