Aurangzeb Movie Review

Production- Yash Raj Films/Aditya Chopra

Director– Atul Sabharwal

Editing- Niraj Voralia

Original Music by- Amartya Rahut

Cinematography- Karthik Ganesh

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital & Datasat

Cast–  Jackie Shroff,Arjun Kapoor, Sashaa Agha,  Amrita Singh, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Sikander Kher & Rishi Kapoor.

Aurangzeb Movie Poster

At last Aurangzeb came to the rescue of  Yash Raj’s drowning Banner which in past has not given a good movie which we could talk about, there have a been few good one’s under the “Y” films banner which gives opportunity to the upcoming directors, but under the main one nothing. With this Atul Sabharwal(The Director) has given a fine treatment to the subject and raised the bar to one level for this kind of genre, there are a few places were it’s unprofessional but apart from that, this one does justice to a Gangster drama.

Arjun Kapoor has proven himself earlier in ISHAQZAADE, who have proved his mettle again, he has his own style which is rustic. Prithviraj Sukumar who was seen in RAAVAN as a cop and then in a disaster “Aiyaa”, he is one fine actor who aptly fits the police officer’s role, you could see that avatar in most of his movies, his role as “Arya” is remarkable. Jackie Shroff who is hardly seen these days reprises his role as “Yashwardhan” this name itself gives a depth to the character short but classy role. Amrita Singh was cunning and looks quite hot at this age. Sasha Aagha daughter of famous pakistani singer Salma Aagha was the first choice for ISHAQZAADE but was dropped from the project for some reason, she is hot and has a perfect body for bikini, she has a small role but can’t picture her as a leading lady yet. Rishi Kapoor where do I start, he is amazing, he started his negative role in “AGNEEPATH” which was critically acclaimed and in this he is sharp as a knife and cunning as a fox “DCP Ravikanth” is spot on.

Was rumored that it’s a remake of Trishul but in fact it’s not, it may look like a bit like DON but its just the undercover part, good engaging screenplay laced with witty humor, songs were not forced in to the script, nice background score and sharp editing. Like it says “Kingship does not know Kinship” and there could be only one Emperor. It’s a good tale of power, politics , money and relationships. Worth a watch for good performances by the entire cast. This Aurangzeb does conquer.

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