“ARTHANAARI’ is all about the Equal power of Men and Women” reveals ‘ARTHANAARI’ Director Sundarra Ilangovan

One of the most realistic Director in Tamil Cinema is Bala. ARTHANAARI is an upcoming Action – Entertainer that is directed by Bala’s associate director Sundarra Elangovan. “As soon as the script of ARTHANAARI is finalized, the first person I shared my joy with, is Bala Sir. I can’t forget the words from my Guru Bala Sir, ‘Mudhal Padam..Paathu Pannu’. It still echoes in my mind..”starts Sundarra Elangovan, the Director of ARTHANAARI. Men and Women are equally powerful. What if those two powerful creations join against the Social Crimes? The answer will be revealed by the July 8th Releaser ARTHANAARI. “Our Hero raises his voice against social crimes through ‘Dharma’ whereas our Heroine fights against Social Crimes through law and order. And that impact causes some effects in their love life. What are those effects? is the rest story of ARTHANAARI” says Sundarra Elangovan, the director of ARTHANAARI.

ARTHANAARI is well packed with Action, Love, Sentiment and Comedy. Above all, an important Social message is hidden in the film ARTHANAARI which is expected to be revealed by the Audience. The Director of ARTHANAARI Sundarra Ilangovan shares some of the interesting factors that took place in the sets of ARTHANAARI. “According to the story, Heroine has to slap the Hero in a vigorous swing. But the scene almost took several takes due to lack of perfection. The shooting spot is a crowded area, where the regular commuters lost their patience at a certain point of time. Seeing all this, I asked the heroine to slap the hero in a harder way. But she struggled to do that. And at once I slapped the heroine which has raised her anger. As a result, the slap was much harder to our Hero – Quite a good shot than we expected,” says Sundarra Elangovan.  “Later I approached her to apologize but she has totally forgotten what happened. I have really stunned on seeing her dedication level…” he added.

“I must mention the important person of our ARTHANAARI, Producer Mr Muthamizh. His part as a Scriptwriter and as a Producer means a lot to our entire crew. Actor Nasser, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Hero Ram Kumar, Heroine Arundhathi, Muthuraman has given their best for ARTHANAARI. The scintillating music of Justin Prabhakaran and the magnetic lyrics of Kabilan has gained more attention from the Audience. The realistic shots of Sri Ranjan and Unique cuts of Suresh Urs will act as a strong backbone for ARTHANAARI” says and signs-off Sundarra Elangovan with confidence. It is to be said that the July 8th releaser ARTHANAARI is all set to carry the hearts of the Audience.

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