Abhiyum Anuvum Review

Abhimanyu alias Abhi works in a corporate company in Chennai and Anu lives in Ooty, doing organic farming and she doesn’t care anyone and speaks from the heart. Both of them meet through Facebook and after some interactions, they fall in love with each other. Abhi’s parents always had given importance to their business and Anu’s mom is not with her. When Abhi and Anu meet, they decided to marry at once, not even consulting with their parents. Soon, Anu gets pregnant. When their families meet, Anu and Abhi’s marriage meets trouble. What is it? Did Abhi and Anu solve the issue?

Prabhu and Suhasini play the neighbors of Tovino and they have done their part well. Similarly, Rohini, who plays Pia’s mom, has done justice to her role. Tovino and Pia had played whatever is required by the director. BR Vijayalakshmi, Asia’s first woman cinematographer, has directed the film. She has handled certain emotional scenes well and impressed the audiences.

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