Aarambam – Movie Review

Production- Sri Satya Sai Movies|A.Raghuram

Director- Vishnuvardhan

Story & Screenplay- Vishnuvardhan  & Subha

Dialogues- Subha

Original Score by- Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics- Pa. Vijay

Choreography-Dinesh & Shobi paul raj

Stunts- Lee Whitaker, Kaecha, Tinu Varma & Jagan.

Editing- A. Sreekar Prasad

Art Director- Illaiyaraja

Cinematography- Om Prakash

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Ajith Kumar,Arya,Nayanthara,Rana Daggubati,Taapsee Pannu,Suman Ranganathan,Kishore,Akshara Gowda,Prashant Nair,Lee Whitaker,Atul Kulkarni & Mahesh Manjrekar.

Aarambam (8)Aarambam (13) Aarambam (12)  

AARAMBAM….After years since Attagasam, Thala Ajith had a Diwali release and it was indeed a good “Aarambam“. Vishnuvardhan has given yet another stylish mass flick after Billa with Ajith. Where you see him donning a dynamic salt and pepper look, which made all the girls go gaga over him, the first sight of him in the movie was celebrated with huge applause and hooting.

Aarambam (28) Aarambam (27) Aarambam (2)

Vishnuvardhan and Subha’s screenplay was discontinuous, was not gripping for an action thriller, Arya’s back story was not that great, Ajith and Rana’s was good. Arya’s make up as a fatso was pretty good, it did add little humor to the flick. Action scenes were well choreographed but were not placed right in the movie, concentration was given too much on showing mass than to  execute it in a right manner. In that process few minute details were ignored and you end up seeing things happening out of no where. The production was lavish and every frame was rich. Cinematography by Om Prakash was stunning, so is editing by Sreekar Prasad. The song on the occasion of  holi was a delight to watch, rich colors and amazing lens work by Om prakash. Camera was handled well in all the action sequences. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score in fact doubled the MASS factor and all the songs were good and well choreographed.

Aarambam (24) Aarambam (23)  Aarambam (20)

Thala Ajith gave a wonderful performance as Ashok, he enriched every frame of the flick. He is at a good stage of his film career and I’m sure he will make most of it and Aarambam is a proof for it. Arya was entertaining right from the beginning till end, his funny antics did add humor to the flick, and It’s another success for him after Raja Rani. So will be for Nayanthara who has teamed up with Vishnu and Ajith once again after the success of “Billa“. Taapsee Pannu was given a role of an innocent girl friend, which she did it convincingly. Rana Daggubati was seen for a very short span but he was terrific, he got the looks to kill. His dynamic presence in fact over shadowed Ajith in the scenes when they are together.Another performance to look for is Kishore he did a good job. Atul Kulkarni, Mahesh Manjerekar and Akshara Gowda did their parts well.The entire cast holds the movie together which is pretty low on screenplay, one thing which keeps it going is Ajith, every other scene when he wears his shades is Massss, I’m sure his fans are going bonkers with this flick. Thala deepavali is going to be marana Masss!!!

Aarambam (4) Aarambam (3)  Aarambam (16)

Aarambam being the first release for Diwali this year has an edge, as it has been released 2 days before Diwali, which makes it a hit as per trade pundits. Will have to see who wins the race after the weekend. Like they say in the movie “It’s just the beginning ..tick tock.. tick tock”!!!

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