Aal Movie Review

Directed by Aanand Krishna
Produced by VidiyalRaju
Starring Vidharth
Music by Johan
Cinematography N.S.Uthaya Kumar
Edited by M.Ramesh Bharathi
Production company  : Shoundaryan Pictures
PRO : Nikil

The movie opens to a man in a suit running behind a group of ruffians, who look to have stolen his briefcase. After a hot pursuit, the man in the suit stumbles and falls. Just as he is about to faint, he reflects back on how he got there. The flashback moves back by 14 days. The man – Aamir (Vidharth), is a lecturer at the Sikkim Engineering College, in Gangtok. He is leading a very happy and contented life. Having lost his father 6 months earlier, Aamir is everything for his mother and younger brother and sister.

The 2 loves of Aamir’s life are his family and his girlfriend Meenakshi (Haarthika). At his college, he comes across a gang of students beating up another student for being a tamil Muslim. Aamir takes pity on him and invites him to come over and stay at his place. The two become good friends, and the student gets to know all person details of Aamir. Meenakshi’s father comes to know of her love and calls Aamir to Chennai, to meet and talk to him. But, from the moment Aamir lands at the Chennai airport, his life is changed topsy-turvy.

Some unknown people hand him a mobile phone and an unknown caller takes control of Aamir’s life from then on. The unknown caller has a series of dangerous tasks for Aamir to complete, if he wants to see his family alive… Will he? What are the tasks? Who is the unknown caller? What is happening in Aamir’s life? Watch Aal to know…

Director Aanand Krishna has come up with a taut psychological thriller. He has taken a very intense subject and made it into a gripping movie. All the characters have done their job well. Vidharth needs a special mention for his wonderful performance. There is little for Haarthika to do. Vidiyal Raju has come up with a powerful delivery for his role. The music, especially the theme songs, rock! Johan has come up trumps for the BGM and theme music. NS Uthaya Kumar needs to be lauded for shooting in such heavily populated and traffic-laden areas.

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