Aadama Jaichomada Movie Review

Production: B&C Films, Ski Lite Creation, Sudhir Jain
Cast: Balaji Venugopal, Bobby Simha, Karunakaran, Vijayalakshmi
Direction: Badri
Screenplay: Badri
Story: Badri
Music: Sean Roldan
Background score: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: Dwarakanath
Dialogues: Shiva
Editing: KJ Venkataraman
Art direction: Gururaj
Stunt choreography: Hari Dinesh
Dance choreography: Deena, Sheriff
Lyrics: GKB, Pa Vijay, Ramesh Vaidhya, Sean Roldan
PRO: Nikil

Booking in cricket is rampant across the nation and bookies from different parts of the country are being arrested. However, the leading bookie of Tamil Nadu – Albert, is still on the loose. The Tamil Nadu Police department is on a high alert to capture this bookie, before a very high profile match is going to take place in Chennai. The Commissioner of Police (KS Ravikumar) instructs his officers to be on the alert to find and arrest this bookie. Inspector Bhoominathan (Bobby Simha) is an up and coming officer, who bungles his way to success in the department.His assistant is constable Mariadass (Chetan). Panneer (Karunakaran) is a call taxi driver, whose customer one day is Dhayalan (Balaji Venugopal).

After a minor misunderstanding, the two become very good friends and Panneer tells Dhayalan his life story and how his wife Rama (Vijayalakshmi) has left him after knowing of his huge debt of Rs. 10 Lakhs. Dhayalan is a bookie who identifies corrupt players and supplies them with women, to make them fix games. He is also a part of a big network. Dhayalan promises to help Panneer if he makes a good income out of the betting in the coming big match. Panneer goes to Dhayalan’s hotel, only to find him dead, with a knife sticking out of his chest. Panneer is arrested by Bhoominathan for murder. But, a gang of guys posing as Police help Panneer escape and then take him as a prisoner, themselves. Who are these gangsters? Who killed Dhayalan? Will the Police capture the killer as well as the big bookie – Albert? Will the match be fixed? Watch Aadama Jaichomada to know…
Following our country’s passion for cricket and the recent match fixing scandals, director Badri has chosen a very good theme for this movie. The casting is perfect and each star has tried their best to outdo the other. Bobby Simha and Karunakaran take the cake while Balaji Venugopal and Chetan support these two very ably. Veterans Aadukalam Naren, Radha Ravi and KS Ravikumar are very good. Vijayalakshmi sparkles in her brief appearance. The screenplay is very good and Mirchi Shiva’s dialogues need a special mention. The quirky oneliners are rib-tickling and the situational humour is excellent. Shiva’s voice-over for the narration is an added bonus. Sean Roldan’s music is pleasant and the way the songs have been picturised are also funny.


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