Ennul Aayiram Review

The film marks the dbut of veteran director Delhi Ganesh’s son Maha, who has also bankrolled the project. Ennul Aayiram, as the title says, the film is about the thousand mysteries that takes place in the life of the lead hero Ashok (Maha), who works as a serivice staff in a hotel. The thriller gets its pace when Ashok has a one night stand with a married woman, who also becomes his girlfriend’s neighbour. And, then a muder mystery taes place.

The film exhibits Maha’s multiple talents, he can sing, dance, emote and fight. He looks promising for a debutant, though there are lots of improvement required.

Debutant Cinematographer Athisayaraj camera works are classy and pleasing. He looks very promising.

Gopi Sundar’s rerecording is perfect for the story however, his songs doesn’t impress much.

Director Krishna Kumar has charted out a neat story but the film has many unwanted scenes which could have been avoided.

Editing could have been better.

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