9 Giragankalum Ucham Petravan’ Movie Pooja Stills & News

Sukumar movement formed in Love “and is the culmination of 9 planets’
Love is the third film directed by Sukumar ‘9 and is the culmination of planets’
‘9 planets and is the culmination to’ hero-turned-graduate ..!
Is the story of seven days ‘9 and is the culmination of planets’
The file was opened with a grand puja ‘and is the culmination of 9 planets’
Pandian, Madurai and Coimbatore kekanakaraj arrattinavel with the blessing of the ‘Love’ directed by Sukumar formed ‘9 planets and is the culmination of’ pooja of the film and the shooting ceremony was held yesterday evening in Coimbatore. The event was attended by personalities from the film industry and artists expression.
‘Romantic’ image as a comedian with a popular ‘love’ Sukumar ‘pirated CD’, ‘idling meditate’ will be the third film in the hit films’ and is the culmination of 9 planets.
The protagonist of the film ‘The Graduate’, starring in the movie apicaravanan, Sukumar visnupriyan and love for the natikkinranarkatanayakikal kannikādāna Ravi, Shruti, who plays harsata.
They tampiramaiya, Bhaskar, cauntarrajan, Coimbatore Vishnu, Rama, Saravanan Mamoru, Ashok Pandya, David Solomon, Sathya, psychoanalysis, and others act harsan .. ‘to porampo “Version The film music composed for the film.
In the ensuing encounter, one of the biggest losses of life and how it is recovering from the film’s story. The film’s story begins in Kerala in the expression can be formed as a series of events will take place within seven days. Shooting of the film takes place in areas of Kerala and Coimbatore ..
‘Romance’ with the keyutevar Films Studios Sukumar’s own company’s U. Love of Movies caycaravanan and tradition along with Vijay Anand This film was also made.
A few years ago appeared in the movement Vikraman Surya starrer ‘Thinking of you’ film comedian Charlie said, “and is the culmination of 9 planets’ has become a popular verse titles of the film.
Technical Artists Stats
Icai Version (Varsan)
Cinematography – jinsan lonappan (Jinson Lobnappan)
Collage – Satish B. Kotte (Sathis B.Kottay)
Action – intimidation and influence (Mirtal Selva)
Those participating in the prayer lamp lit.
They counter tirucaktivel
Tirukotisvaran – (Tamil Nadu BJP state executive member)
Madurai Tamils’ Ms muttumina – rattinavelpantiyan
Mrs. A. rajacuntari – Vice Chairman, Coimbatore Society
Tirucaktivel – Assistant Inspector of Police, Coimbatore

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