2 States Movie Review

Production- Dharma Productions|Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment|UTV Motion Pictures

Director- Abhishek Varman

Cinematography- Binod Pradhan|Akash Patil

Editing By- Namrata Rao

Original Music by- Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Sound Mix- Dolby Digital|Datasat

Cast- Arjun Kapoor,Alia Bhatt,Shiv Kumar Subramaniam,Amrita Singh,Revathy,Ronit Roy & Sharang Natarajan.

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2 States….Adapted from the best selling book by Chetan Bhagat of the same title, based on his own life. When it comes to movies based on the a novel or a book, it’s a common practice to compare every detail available in the book. It’s hard to completely justify the book, as you can pen your Imagination to an extreme level, In reality making a movie of that sort becomes a tough job. That’s quite a case with this flick as well, I did not read the book, I never do..which gave me freedom to enjoy the lovely moments pictured in the movie, whereas for those who have kept comparing and were getting disappointed losing the flavor of the movie. There’s a limitation when it comes to a motion picture, with that I believe Abhishek Varman did a decent job in bringing those main events alive in the life of Krish & Ananya.

It takes you through a sweet journey which brings back your college life, your tender moments come alive, first sight at the canteen, or that first soft touch which makes you go crazy, class rooms, library and top of all your first love!! 

2 States is all about the lead pair’s chemistry, who made this movie happening and they are the 2 pillars holding this together. Alia is just 3 movies old and has a very mature fan base. She brings life to the character Ananya instantly. She carries herself so well, you forget that she is playing the role, rather you see her living it. As Ananya she did a great job. Arjun Kapoor fits the geeky yet desirable hunk very well. He is very convincing as Krish. Arjun who has played a toughie in all his earlier films, transformed in to a goofy loving character. Arjun and Alia light up the screen with their unmatched chemistry.

Amrita Singh as Krish’s mother was a perfect choice by the director, it was like tailor made for her. Ronit Roy as Krish’s father had a small role but a very good one. Revathy was seen on screen after a very long gap and that too in Hindi, even now she has the charm which she had years back, as Ananya’s mother she was a perfect Southie to be cast. Ananya’s Father played by Shiv Kumar Subramaniam was a man of few words, but conveys a lot.

Abhishek Varman took all the notes from Chetan and re-created a moment, which movie lovers loved it and for the book fans it was close to a Deja-vu. The movie is just as light as the book, and even though people have read it, still manages to surprise and charm the audience.The romance was sweet and the quirky one-liners were hilarious. Abhishek tried to cover the main events and brushed upon the rest. It’s a movie which you should take your parents along, as it gives an insight to understand their children. It’s the case with all the families and they neglect it calling “Generation Gap“.

2 States reflects all the emotions very well, It’s a simple movie of simple people, Like Krish says he wants to write a book about us, that is simple people with simple events of life, nothing out of the world. Another book of Chetan took a bow at the silver screen, It got a very good opening, Inspite of it’s irregularities with the book, It will still be a success due to great performances and simple direction. It did bring the 2 States together on screen and off screen!!

+’s- Good direction with neat screenplay and great performances.

Rating: 4/5.

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