2 lakh to benefit farmers by Vishal and helpful

Pride of Tamil Nadu, India Round Table awards with actor Vishal keynote initiator.
  Speaking on the occasion, actor Vishal, India Round Table of the 2 million bucks to give me the benefit of farmers in the state, said the request to them.
Ivvirut has 14 different areas. Everyone has the ability to ivvirut www.prideoftamilnadu.comvinnapikkalam through the website.
  8 different industry giants in life traveling Pride Of Tamil Nadu has announced the judges for the awards, their names are: Dr. Mariyajina Johnson, Latha Rajan, Simran, Mohammed Asif Ali, Chandra Bharati, Hema Rukmini, Santosh Babu, Nirmala Lakshman of the jury awards the pride of Tamil Nadu

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