“Over 100 Japanese actors have worked in Jumbulingam 3 D” says the duo director Hari – Hareesh

For centuries, the people of India and Japan have engaged in cultural exchanges through various means and one among them is Cinema. Japanese love towards Tamil cinema is increasing more and more in these days. Tamil films are very popular in Japan and Rajnikanth is the most popular Indian star in the country. Following Super Star’s ‘Enthiran’  the upcoming Tamil film ‘Jumbulingam 3 D’ has created more expectations among Tamil and Japanese people. Produced by MSG Movies and Shankar brothers the film is directed by the duo Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan.

After back-to-back hits with Tamil horror flicks Orr Erravu, Ambuli 3D and Aaaah, directors Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan are confident of scoring their fourth victory with Jumbulingam 3D. “Shot in some of the virgin locations of Japan, the film would be a visual treat for the audience. More than 100 Japanese actors and dancers have worked in the movie. It was like doing a mime show at times when we faced communication problems with them” smiles the duo.

“Jumbulingam 3D starts in an Indian village and will travel through Japan. This 3D film will be a mind-based comedy entertainer and we are confident that the movie would attract all the family especially the kids. we are excited over the response the exhibitors have been showing to this film. It shows the type of response ‘Jumbulingam 3D’  will receive from the entertainment starved kids in this summer. 3D films has to happen and we cannot thrust this technique on films for the sake of it . Jumbulingam 3D will have all the necessary credentials of being a pure children entertainer and a commercially successful film too.” says the duo directors with confidence.The film ‘Jumulingam 3 D’ which is all set to take the Tamil cinema to next level is hitting the screens on 13th May.

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